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I am a Spanish software developer with a long background in programming, check out my projects below.

Contact Details

Marcos A. Vidal
Oviedo Spain


Software Engineer

NTT Data September 2021

Unipersonal project for Inditex (Zara) e-commerce, creation of an assistant for the management of internal tasks, in charge of: • Development and deployment using technologies such as Azure services, Kotlin, Spring Boot and Microsoft's Bot Framework SDK. • Requirements elicitation with the client.

Data Analyst

everis (NTT Data) January 2021 - June

Development of a new sales forecasting system in the e-commerce area of Inditex worldwide: • ETL development, data extraction and data manipulation with Apache Spark and Python. • Creation of a new prediction model using the Prophet algorithm. Improved prediction on 50% of data and especially on high volume days. • Creation of dashboards using data visualization tools such as Microsoft Power BI. • Maintenance and deployment of the new system using Azure Databricks.


University of Oviedo

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science 2017 - 2021

8.8/10 GPA


Programming languages

  • Python
  • JS/TS
  • Kotlin
  • C#
  • Java
  • C++
  • PHP
  • R

Framworks & Libraries

  • Android SDK
  • Ktor
  • Spring Boot
  • Netty
  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • React Native
  • node.js
  • Unity
  • Kt Coroutines
  • PySpark


  • SQL & NoSQL
  • CSS & HTML
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Data Analysis
  • Functional programming
  • Software design
  • ETLs

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